Building the Gardenย 

A garden is a wonderful place. A place where tiny seeds grow into lush majestic plants. Where you can watch in wonder as those plants pump out oodles of yummy food, or colourful flowers. A garden was something I desperately wanted. After a year of waiting and researching I had almost everything figured out. I… Continue reading Building the Gardenย 


Incubator Adventures Part 2

Well that experiment was a smashing success. And this post is grossly overdue. A couple months ago my neighbour let me borrow his incubator. I promptly stuck 9 Mottled Cochin/Mille Fleur D'uccle eggs in it and hoped for the best. Having never done this previously the idea that the eggs I held in my hand… Continue reading Incubator Adventures Part 2

Grandma’s House

This weekend was a real treat. Although Cade and I live in town (right outside city limits technically) we spend a lot of time in and around a tiny town called Almont. His family owns quite a bit of land out there and they farm and ranch out there. The boys collect pickups and us… Continue reading Grandma’s House

The Incubator Adventures Part 1

This is an exciting day folks. I have been lusting over Bantam Calico Cochins for quite some time now. I have a steady supply of fertile eggs but I haven't had a way to incubate them. Sure I have had a couple hens go broody and you better believe my I stuck eggs under them.… Continue reading The Incubator Adventures Part 1

Planting Store Bought Garlic

The garden is still a work in progress but the urge to dig in the dirt and plant things is overwhelming. I worry however that if I get impatient and start planting too much before the fence is up the deer with annihilate the little plants. I decided to plant some garlic. Deer don't like… Continue reading Planting Store Bought Garlic

Planting the Peony

Peonies are one of my favourite flowers. They're so fluffy and majestic. Soft and feminine. They smell heavenly. So when Cade's mom, Jamie, surprised me with a peony bulb when we were visiting I was delighted. On the drive home with our precious cargo I schemed and plotted where this peony should live. I eventually… Continue reading Planting the Peony

Tea Time and Chit Chatting

Greetings and salutations! Today I don't have any one, singular, complete project or accomplishment to share with you. Instead I figured we could just chat about what's in the works. So make yourself a cup of tea or coffee or whatever it is that you like and let's get to it. Let's start with the… Continue reading Tea Time and Chit Chatting